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FrontierLATAM and Peplink:  A Supercharged Relationship 


Our Solutions

We offer comprehensive solutions tailored to meet the unique networking demands. With our expertise and innovative technology, we empower organizations to optimize their network performance, enhance security, and achieve seamless connectivity across diverse landscapes.


Combines multiple cellular,
Wi-Fi and satellite connections for
reliable and fast onboard connectivity.


Understand the benefits customers can enjoy by utilizing Peplink products for their broadcasting network.


Peplink’s featured products are well-suited for the needs of an educational institutions and understand the benefits of using these devices.


Innovative solutions designed to create an unbreakable, secure, and stable network, enabling successful network infrastructures.


Embark on a journey to explore the unique solutions offered by Peplink, specifically designed to tackle the threats posed to the broadcasting industry.


Gain valuable insights into how Peplink can provide a range of solutions to address the unique challenges associated with achieving connectivity in the financial sector.


Tackle the unique challenges of achieving stable and unbreakable connectivity in the healthcare industry.


Solving unique challenges that come with achieving stable and unbreakable connectivity in the hospitality industry.


LTE, WiFi, and VSAT solutions for video streaming onboard and exceptional connectivity experience in the maritime sector.

Municipal Governments

Create an unbreakable, secure, and stable network, addressing the specific needs for municipal governments.


Effectively enhance manufacturing operations, aiming to eliminate downtime and optimize efficiency in manufacturing processes.

Public Safety

Achieve stable and unbreakable connectivity for public safety services. Peplink’s SpeedFusion technology can benefit the public safety industry.


Diverse solutions to overcome the unique challenges associated with achieving stable and unbreakable connectivity in the dynamic retail industry.


 Discover the comprehensive solutions to ensure an unbreakable, secure, and stable network infrastructure.


SpeedFusion and 5G technology, and how Peplink’s groundbreaking 5G solutions have revolutionized numerous industries with their positive impact.

SpeedFusion Technologies

Speed & Reliability

Understand the technical aspects of Peplink’s proprietary technology such as SpeedFusion. Peplink’s patented SpeedFusion technology powers enterprise VPNs that tap into the bandwidth of multiple low-cost cable, DSL, 3G/4G/LTE, and other links connected anywhere on your corporate or institutional WAN.

Bandwidth Bonding Technology SpeedFusion

See What our Peplink Partners are saying

We’ve been working with Frontier Computer Corp. since 2014, and our experience has been exceptional. The sales team is great to work with. They always provide informative and useful product information, and they support us by providing the hardware needed—or solutions if the product isn’t available. When we need technical support, it’s given in a timely manner, and the technicians are easy to work with.

Beth Irvin, Bluewater Technology

FrontierUS has gone above and beyond expediting and delivering on every business need and question that I have. I especially want to give praise to my assigned Rep, Breanne Fortuna, for making sure that all of my technical questions and concerns were answered. Breanne is a highly professional representative for the company that has made me feel extremely welcome and cared about. I have only high praise for FrontierUS as an organization.

Bill Rogers, President, Wireless Management LLC

I’m glad we took time to work together to talk about targeted customers, the MDF program and setting some future goals. FYI, Peter is now a certified engineer, so thanks for the extra push on that. I’ve worked with several vendors/distributors over the last 10 years in my own companies and the 15 years before that at Verizon. So I can say, I really appreciate your attention to detail, thoughts and suggestions allow us to grow as a partner with you.

Jonathan Pitts, 1SimplePhone